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Happy #LGBTQHistoryMonth! Let’s make sure it’s as #intersectional as possible!

Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil of Gujarat India is the first openly gay prince in the world. His 1991 arranged marriage to Princess Chandrika Kumari ended after only a year. He suffered a nervous breakdown in 2002. In 2005, the prince met, befriended, and interviewed with journalist Chirantana Bhatt about his sexuality. In March 2006, Prince Manvendra’s coming out story was published. He was met with major disapproval from his family and the public but he said “I️ knew that they would never accept me for who I truly am, but I also knew that I could no longer live a lie. I wanted to come out because I had gotten involved with activism and I felt it was no longer right to live in the closet.” Prince Manvendra runs Lakshya Trust which is dedicated to HIV/AIDS education and prevention. He is on the Interim Governing Board of the Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health and in 2018, he opened his 15-acre palace to house vulnerable LGBTQ+ people. He plans to adopt a child which would make him the first single gay man to adopt a child in India. #LGBTQHistory #QTPOCHistory #PrinceManvendra #Intersectionality

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