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Happy #LGBTQHistoryMonth! Let’s make sure it’s as #intersectional as possible!


Osh-Tisch was a Crow Nation badé, which is a person who straddles male and female genders. Specifically, it is a person assigned male at birth who takes part in social and ceremonial roles filled by women in Crow culture. Osh-Tisch was a weaver, cook, medicine woman, shaman, and most notably, a warrior. Their name literally translates to "Finds Them and Kills Them” in Crow. Osh-Tisch fought in the 1876 Battle of the Rosebud against the Lakota. During battle a wounded Crow warrior was vulnerable so Osh-Tisch jumped off their horse, stood over their wounded kin and fired at the Lakota. By the 1890s the Crows were forced onto reservations and subjected to US/European values which targeted badés. They were imprisoned, made to cut their hair, and forced to live, act, dress & look masculinely. The Crow revered their badés for bridging the genders, and tried to protect them. However, preachers and the US government continued to target Osh-Tisch and the other badés. Eventually, the Crow assimilated, adopting US cultural norms which led to a shift away from badé acceptance. Osh-Tisch died in 1929 as one of the last of her kind. #LGBTQHistory #QTPOCHistory #OshTisch #Intersectionality

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