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Happy #LGBTQHistoryMonth! Let’s make sure it’s as #intersectional as possible!

Johnny Mathis

Johnny Mathis is a Black American award-winning singer and songwriter who made more than 100 albums with 73 of them making the Billboard charts, and more than 60 of them going gold or platinum. Two of his songs were nominated for an Academy Award, and he performed twice at the award show. He received the Society of Singers Lifetime Achievement Award and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. He was also inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, Hit Parade Hall of Fame and Great American Songbook Hall Of Fame. His discography includes a wide variety of music including pop, Brazilian, blues, show tunes, and Christmas music, but he is mostly known as a romantic crooner. He came out in 1982 saying ’Homosexuality is a way of life that I've grown accustomed to’ and later in 2017 said "I come from San Francisco. It's not unusual to be gay in San Francisco. I've had some girlfriends, some boyfriends, just like most people. But I never got married, for instance. I knew that I was gay." #LGBTQHistory #QTPOCHistory #JohnnyMathis #Intersectionality

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