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Here you will find some examples of social phenomena that plagues marginalized communities.

Examples of social phenomena in the media

Everybody Loves Raymond: Gang Signs

Robert and Ray's conversation highlights miscommunication and misunderstanding that commonly occurs between law enforcement and People with Disaibiliies

Jennifer Lawrence invokes Hawaiian Curse

Jennifer Lawrence displays cultural insensitivity when recounting an incident from filming the Hunger Games in Hawaii

"Black Guy Breaks Into a Car"

This social experiment shows the very disparate responses two men (one white, the other Black) receive when they "break into a car".

"The new frontier of LGBTQ civil rights, explained"

This video, published circa 2016 highlights the challenges the LGBTQ+ community faces even after the passing of Marriage Equality

George Takei In Japanese Concentration Camp

Actor and activist George Takei speaks about his childhood experiences in a Japanese interment camps during World War II. 

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